Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Business Growth through Environmental & Partnership developments

Are you update with the modern lingo or pretending to be, ignoring it and burying you head in the sand?

Environment, Sustainability, Partnerships and Networks important buzz words being thrown about creating as much opportunity for those that have grasped it but more than an equal amount of smoke and misunderstanding for those who don't.

How your organisation is handling these buzz words now has a major impact on credibility and reputation.

The methodology behind an organisations statements in managing these buzz words is critical, there are lots of organisations all sizes writing, saying and “spinning” what everyone wants to hear about these topics but failing miserably to deliver any where near their policy statements.

The pace in which the Environmental & Sustainability developments have rightfully taken hold of our lives has meant skills gaps and misunderstandings in how to meet modern expectations in achieving them.

Knowing what to do, where to start, how to structure and communicate these buzz words is difficult especially for SME sized organisations who are less likely to be able to dedicate resources to adopt and implement necessary changes. Many are either burying their heads in sand, or plagiarising other organisations policies without clear methodology or structures behind them and unaware of the damage they're making of their credibility and reputation.

Getting an organisation's Environmental & Sustainability policies or statements to add value and growth is not about great “spin” words but how you show that these words are being implemented.

The purpose and philosophy of Environmental & Sustainability policies is all about the impact and diligence outside your direct surroundings. Diligence includes customer lines, supply chains, environment, business and its employees; which has naturally lead to the revival of business networking and partnerships.

The development of modern partnerships are with suppliers and similar client non-competitors (like a solar panel company partnering with a roofing company) each fantastic and easy solution areas whilst fundamental focuses to develop the necessary methodologies for Environmental & Sustainability policies. Modern networking is realistically partnerships as well, partnerships that assist sales and resource opportunities – a blog area I'll be commenting about shortly in Sales & Strategic Growth.

Consumers are experienced to the hard cold corporate “spin” either form their work place or as a customer and are now choosing their purchases with businesses that can show (not talk) their acclaimed credibility & reputation. They're driven and influenced by the Environmental policy & Sustainability policies of organisations which provides opportunities for those who act, take the time and look to adopt Environmental & Sustainable focuses and develop good methodologies with dedicated reviews and schedules.

Promoting an organisations policies is not enough, communicating and making available statements and methodologies is an absolute - done properly it can create growth and opportunities through consumers as well as open doors with new partnerships.

In conclusion, being known as “responsible” is strong PR that includes activities and principles towards environment, employees and overall business practices. Good environmental practices will add value and growth to an organisation through savings whilst creating further opportunities and growth through partnerships as businesses team up to support each other in becoming more responsible.

Get to know more about environmental policies and how to develop and implement effective methodologies visit www.sphereuk.net/eco. A FREE brochure on easy environmental saving ideas is available.

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