Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Adding Value to business through Employees

We're most definitely in the age of technology & responsibility both for environment & employment. Yet there are many who haven't grasped that this age is here or realised it's here to stay. Responsibilities towards the environment, work and employment are changing and these changes are reshaping general business practice. The reshaping is really the revival of employment responsibilities but now includes the environment and it's deeper aspects - making this new age simply Corporate Responsibilities.

Over the past 3 decades employment attitudes & trends has had some distinctive changes between employees & businesses that have shaped our beliefs about work ethics, loyalty and career development. For a long time up to the 80's was a time where loyalty between both businesses and employees were clearly noticeable, almost a job for life. In the late 80's & early 90's businesses shifted their expectations, to their “self attitude” where employment demanded loyalty & meant work came first, family second with little if any loyalty returned to the employee. Then the late 90's & early 00's saw another shift in the loyalty expectations balance with employees adopting the same “self attitude” businesses had conveyed in the early 90's. The attitude resulted in employees focusing on 2 to 3 years in any one position & if promotion wasn't available they'd find it else where.

We're now moving into the 2000 teens where change in the loyalty balance is happening again - modern businesses are putting back what they lost in their employees and embracing schemes to support and drive loyalty. This development and change hasn't been a sudden brain wave in corporate thinking but more a biproduct of organisations focusing on the environment and sustainability. In the development of modern and lateral thinking about being responsible towards the environment, it has been recognised that sustainability and longevity also includes employees.

The employees link into sustainability & longevity has added a more rounded or tangible value to Corporate Responsibility - being known & seen as responsible is the modern PR, working wonders at reducing staff turnover (employee retention) & increasing employee performance & over all profitability; extending to increased credibility & it's associated growth – a blog area I'll be writing about shortly. However I recognise the achilles heal to staff turnover, productivity & profitability will always be Leadership Vs Management.

Being known & viewed as a “responsible employer.”
This is simply how an organisation's employees value the business and recognise its value to them & the local society. Areas to review & consider what impact the value a business has with it's employees & their opinions are:

[a] illustrating acknowledgment where work fits into an employees life – very few people exist to work.

[b] an organisations culture & leadership style will impact staff morale daily – influencing employees opinions more than any rewards or recognition can remedy.

[c] understand where you're organisation can support your staff personally – utilise the business through employee incentives & benefit packages to defer taxes enabling an employee to achieve their lifestyle easier (view www.sphereuk.net/incentives for more details).

[d] work recognition – strongly associated and covered with good leadership but at times easily forgotten.

[e] open communication – strongly associated with culture, drive gossip & rumours out of your business by proactively and openly communicating what's happening in the business.

For those that might still be unconvinced note that the longevity of a business is through the quality of the people in the business. Consider everyone can sell your organisation because everyone knows someone & socially everyone asks what people do for a living. If an employee speaks positively and enthusiastically when asked about their living, the person & the business are likely to be remembered.

"Adding value through your employees" is simply adding employee incentives, benefit packages & rewards to your business – a modern fast growing practice in becoming recognised as a "responsible employer."

Get to know more about how to implement these schemes FREE and how easy they are to set up visit www.sphereuk.net/incentives.

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  1. good views and interesting propect - i'm going to put the incentives idea to our teams.