Friday, 10 July 2009

Grow your business through Sales Leadership Part 3

Sales Leadership is about leading 4 key areas:
Part 1: Targets Management, Part 2: Leading Sales teams to achieve Profit Margins, Flexible Multiple Goals and

Part 3: The Jewel in your crown that is your Customer.

In identifying what Sales Leadership is at the beginning, some might believe that's it - the end; but they'd be mistaken. Knowing what to say is nowhere near the same as knowing how, when and why you're doing it.

The Jewel in sales leadership is in your Customer
To recap in PART 1 I highlighted that a heavy focus on targets leads the business away from what it was intending; in PART 2 that business success from sales leadership is simply the consistency in results it delivers.

However there's one area I've left unmentioned that many businesses get distracted from and in some cases have lost the skill with. This jewel and the growth in your business with Sales Leadership is about leading both the “customer” and the business. It's not the sales process, conversions or cycle but simply knowing your customer. The reason I call it the jewel is that the 30% growth you want in your business can come from the people you already know. Ever heard the phrase “I can't see the wood for the trees” if not then remember it as a key phrase to remind you and your team about leading the customer.

Knowing your customer has three areas [a] the potential in each customer, [b] leads through their networks & recommendations and [c] lost business. To conclude maximising these three customer areas you'll get the consistent growth in your business. Lost business is one everyone avoids yet its the easiest to get growth.
The reasoning is straight forward, new business is a relationship from scratch and time required to build it– lost business is a relationship that can be fixed. They already know you, your capabilities and potentially still have an account with you. There's cases where time is needed to mend bridges but in most cases they left for a combination of small things.

To conclude lead your customers to your growth and lead your sales teams to lost business; and deliver effective Sales Leadership by bringing out the best in people and encouraging them to work for the best reasons, whilst it includes easy achievable goals with a focus on profit margin that is flexible and allows for organisational change or circumstances.

I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts: was it thought provoking? is it what you expected? possibly I could help with a query, or a sales come sales teams issue you're facing or involved in?

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